composer, producer

Brad Nyght has and continues to make a name for himself among the local scene and the national radio pros with his ability to take a song that has absolutely nothing to offer, add his famous musical luster, and make it so you will weep to the point of shattering. The most beautiful pain anyone can experience.

From music scores, garage-bands, solo artists all the way seasoned professionals, Brad Nyght has what you need to be a step above the rest and in today's over-populated music market, that is exactly what you are going to need. Get out of the garage and on top of the charts. Get into The Bakery.

Gregory Gunter
Rod Sherrell, with over 50 years of experience in film, video, photography, post-production, editing, producing & directing, Rod Sherrell pioneered a lot of what is seen, heard & formatted on Television/Video Production today. Today's infomercials are still formatted from a call to action he created back in the 70's & he pioneered aspects of Church worship on video & television still used today.
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