Joshua Sherrell has been in the Media industry for the past 20 plus years. He got his start in Columbus Ohio working for NBC local news. He went on location and shot/edited news packages for nightly news. From There he went on to be a producer/editor for the FOX Kids club in Columbus Ohio and was nominated for various awards for creativity. In 1998 Joshua moved to Dallas Texas to work with his father at AccessMedia. Since that time Joshua has worked on a number of different projects ranging from non profits, visa commercials, a number of successful national and international infomercials, sales video's and local business web commercials. His skills include Producing, Directing, Script Writing, Editing, Director of Photography, Concept development and a Jimmy Jib owner/Operator. Joshua has an eye for creativity and the drive to meet his clients every need.

Sri Vivek Satya
Sri Vivek Satya won a contest designing a concept plane. He thought he wanted to go into industrial design but the more he studied art, the more he was drawn to animated storytelling. He attended the Art Institute of Houston, specializing in animation & visual effects – building worlds, designing the action, & developing special effects for a variety of projects.
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