Matt Cooper's Storytelling seems to be the best way to keep him breathing at times, and the most fulfilling.

Falling into photography while studying graphic design and painting, he began to find a way to pen his story with a dialog of imagery. Photography took hold of his voice and led him into a career translating the visions of clients such as Neiman Marcus, Container Store, Sam’s Club, Bombay, JC Penney, FHM and The Richards Group among many others, as well as magazines, creative agencies and record labels.

The work came quick, and now for him to raise his voice a little louder, the images need to cross his canvas even faster, say at 24 frames per second. Whether it’s time to rock & roll with innovative camera designs, break out of the box with a multimedia concept, or make moments as slick as a still frame, it’s all about translating ideas into impactful onscreen moments.

Moving images as characters to create a visual voice. Frames to paint, words to remember and stories to tell, these are the moments that let him breathe today.

Gregory Gunter
Rod Sherrell, with over 50 years of experience in film, video, photography, post-production, editing, producing & directing, Rod Sherrell pioneered a lot of what is seen, heard & formatted on Television/Video Production today. Today's infomercials are still formatted from a call to action he created back in the 70's & he pioneered aspects of Church worship on video & television still used today.
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