PHOTOGRAPHER, videographer

Mike Fuentes has been a professional photojournalist for over 10 years. From starting his career as a Caribbean newspaper photographer using film and maintaining his own darkroom, Mike currently works with the latest digital technologies in still photography and digital video, transmitting on deadline to media outlets around the world.

Now specializing in editorial magazine photography and producing news video content, his work has taken him throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. His pictures have appeared in magazines across the country and newspapers around the world. He is available for assignments in advertising, editorial and coroporate photography and digital video.

Rod Sherrell
Roddy Sherrell With over 15 years of business ownership and operational experience, Roddy’s focus is branding and business-to-business relationships. Before Access Media, Roddy owned & operated an international television station anchored in Dallas, Texas, his ideas & strengths were key in the national television network’s success.
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