Roddy Sherrel, with over 15 years of business ownership and operational experience, Roddy’s focus is branding and business-to-business relationships. Before Access Media, Roddy owned & operated an international television station anchored in Dallas, Texas, his ideas & strengths were key in the national television network’s success.

If you ask Roddy Sherrell what drives him to succeed, he’ll tell you: Family. 

"I have an obligation, greater than myself, to carry the torch that my Father passed to my brother & I. Our Father built his business on the reputation of being an honest, fair person. Dad’s formula has always been really simple: treat clients the way you want to be treated as a person and as a colleague.”

Those simple values created what is now a very successful business that continues to grow. Roddy believes that the American Dream is exemplified by Access Media and can be pursued vigorously every day.  As a grandson of an Italian-American immigrant, he relates to the men & women of this country who work hard to build a home for their families. 

Joshua Sherrell
Joshua Sherrell is the quintessential entertainment professional. He delivers on all levels of production from studio set up and design, creative writing, casting, pre & post production, camera ops, jimmy jib operator, director and producer. He has 20 years of experience & continues to evolve and grow as the industry changes. He’s able to lead his team to the finish line every time.
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