Rod Sherrell, with over 50 years of experience in film, video, photography, post-production, editing, producing & directing, Rod Sherrell pioneered a lot of what is seen, heard & formatted on Television/Video Production today. Today's infomercials are still formatted from a call to action he created back in the 70's & he pioneered aspects of Church worship on video & television still used today.

Rod was born in Oak Cliff Texas in a little 800 square foot, two bedroom house -- shared with his Mama, Daddy & four siblings. In those tight quarters, his family was a close and loving unit. Rod's parents were the epitome of Southern Hospitality. They raised him to be a gentleman & honest man and these form the cornerstone of Rod’s character.  

His father was a serial entrepreneur and Rod learned that there’s no quick buck. Hard work and honesty leads to a strong family, long-lasting relationships and smart business deals. Though his father wanted Rod to take over Sherrell’s Cars, the family business, Rod set sights on seeing & filming the world around him.

To this day, Rod Sherrell possesses that same creative mind & entrepreneurial spirit. His expertise & leadership brings in clients from around the world to Access Media Production. That’s quite a legacy.

Rod Sherrell
Roddy Sherrell With over 15 years of business ownership and operational experience, Roddy’s focus is branding and business-to-business relationships. Before Access Media, Roddy owned & operated an international television station anchored in Dallas, Texas, his ideas & strengths were key in the national television network’s success.
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