Sri Vivek "Vik" Satya, as a ten-year old boy in Saudi Arabia, won a contest designing a concept plane. He thought he wanted to go into industrial design but the more he studied art, the more he was drawn to animated storytelling. He attended the Art Institute of Houston, specializing in animation & visual effects – building worlds, designing the action, & developing special effects for a variety of projects.

Using his design background, Vivek put himself through college as a custom jewelry designer making jewelry for renowned rap artists, celebrities, football & basketball stars from all over the U.S. & the world.

He joined a marketing agency in Dallas that worked for the Rangers & Mavericks organizations, the Miami Marlins, among others. Vivek was in charge of events & marketing strategy.

To further his cinematic interests, he took an internship at UAN Broadcasting, a local Christian network, which aired programming in NY, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and had FIOS & Roku channels. Its sister station was MyTV.

After showing the Creative Director his demo reel, the UAN head asked 24 year-old Vivek to produce a show. Completely unaware of what he was getting into, Vivek had to executive produce a news-themed program including creating the concept, writing the script, making the set, graphics & special effects; every aspect of production in THREE DAYS!

The Six was the “clean” version of The Daily Show, secular but uplifting & aired right before Alec Baldwin’s talk show. At the end of the first season, he was offered a position with Access Media.

Simultaneously, Vivek became Executive Producer / Lead Creative for a show called Strengthening the You. Originally a standard format religious program, a call from the local FOX network, transformed it into a showcase for non-profits. It appeared on Fox Television affiliate My27/KDFI-TV. Currently the show is in pre-production & will be airing its second season soon.

Meanwhile (for his 94th job!), Vivek is Marketing Director/Exec Producer for Lifeline Children & Family Services (LCFS) creating marketing content & video materials for the adoption agency. Vivek also works occasionally for the T.D. Jakes helmed Potter’s House creating visual effects & co-producing their 2014 Christmas Extravaganza as well as TD Jake’s world-renowned gospel event, MegaFest: August 2015.

Having lived all over the world, Vivek brings a global perspective to Access Media’s work & speaks English, Hindi, Telgu & understands Spanish & Arabic. Currently he’s a lead producer & director at Access Media.

Rod Sherrell
Roddy Sherrell With over 15 years of business ownership and operational experience, Roddy’s focus is branding and business-to-business relationships. Before Access Media, Roddy owned & operated an international television station anchored in Dallas, Texas, his ideas & strengths were key in the national television network’s success.
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